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About EIM

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 Everything in Marketing (EIM) is a guide for Students, Management Trainee and Management Professionals. It guides individuals around Marketing and Business Development. EIM aims to solve each and every problem faced by Managers while Starting, Developing and Promoting their brand.  


Sayyam Gibrani

Content Creator | Consultant

Quick Facts about ME:

      1. I am crazy about how MARKETING because it has the power to influence the Society and I want to use it to bring a change.  

       2. Will be Graduating with a Degree in BBA in Marketing in 22' from IMED (BVP) Pune.

       3. Home Town: Delhi, India 

       4. Language: Hindi (Mother Tongue), English (Fluent)

       5.I love taking Initiatives.

       6. Managing a team is my Prime Talent.

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