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VERSION 2.0: Building my future self

Sayyam Gibrani Version 2.0 Growth Hacker

I was casually browsing the internet and came across this interesting quote. And Suddenly it just clicked and I wanted to share this with everyone. The quote belongs to Albert Einstein he says

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

While reading this quote, I had an epiphany moment where I made a decision to TAKE BACK CONTROL OF MY LIFE.

Ever since our existence, life has been driven by goals that we need to fulfill in order to reach higher levels of humanity. However, we tend to neglect setting our own targets and taking charge of our lives. To combat this, I have attempted an experiment whereby I visualized my future self, in the upcoming three years of 2026, and identified certain objectives that I aim to reach in these 1095 Days.

Let's call SAYYAM GIBRANI from 2026 as "HE"

HE has completed his Master in Management and now working Internationally. HE is spending 25% of his day on his Health & Relationships by hitting the gym for controlling his belly fat and being in shape. HE is using the power of meditation to keep himself focused and away from stress.

As an international citizen, HE is working on his side hustle and testing multiple ways which can help him become a digital nomad.

HE has garnered a reputation spanning across different regions, thanks to his commendable expertise and output.

HE is happy and visits his parents and friends regularly. Where he is far from them but still closer to them when they are in need. HE has created a support system consisting of individuals who not only care for him but also challenge him to expand and develop beyond his comfort zone..

HE has mastered his 3rd Language and now learning his 4th Language. HE is now a linguist, which has enable him to reach places and have conversations which he otherwise would not be having.

HE has reached a point in life where he has mastered his skill set of selling, promotion and critical thinking. Which has opened doors for him to work with the most interesting people on the most impactful projects.

HE is able to contribute to other people's lives, improving both their personal and professional endeavours, exhibits a remarkable influence. By serving as a driving force for success.

HE is still writing blog posts regularly, which has allowed his voice to reach millions of people who are benefiting from his content.

HE is able to get more work done because he has mastered Time Management and is able to accommodate more output with less time and resources.

This article was written during Digital Deepak Micro Internship training program.

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