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Peculiarity and I go a long way back. Starting from my name, I was always the Peculiar among my peer group. I never fit well and thus was always left out during my childhood which impacted my individuality. It was until I understood the power of Communication, Planning, Curiosity and Hard Work coupled with the Endurance to Lead a team with Innovation and Collaboration. The best thing that ever happened to me was making The Internet my best friend and it's because of my best pal that I have repositioned myself from being a left out in childhood to being a Creator. I am a content creator who aims to bring a change in the community with my content. 

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EIM (Everything in Marketing)

EIM (Everything in Marketing) is the content provider that is owned by SAYYAMGIBRANI.COM which is produced and own all rights to the content. It serves as a guide of Marketing and Business Development for Businesses and Individuals.


I believe that Knowledge is a treasure which only increases when you share it. Sharing that knowledge with the community and network is my goal and generating value for each and every one of them is my Mission. Moreover, I am always looking for a platform to showcase my talent and learn new things, So why not build one?  I want EIM to grow big and reach the right audience. An audience which is hungry for Knowledge. 


Everything In Marketing

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