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Understanding Advertisement

In order to sell anything, you need to advertise it. Advertisement is a massively broad field which has been defined by John J. Myers. "Advertising is the distribution of information concerning an idea, service or product to compel action according to the interest of advertiser"

Since childhood, you have seen advertisements which have contributed to shaping your business purchase and identity of a brand in general. If a company/individual wants to sell more of its product in the market it has to stand out from the crowd. In today's world just for buying a Pen of worth Rs 5, we have 100+ brands competing in the market space but the consumer is going to pick 1 out of all brands which is why we need advertising and marketing. We are going to cover marketing in much dept in further posts, so stay put for it.

Advertisement is something which makes you stand in the spotlight and that spotlight is very important if you want to be a leader in your particular segment. For which you have to pay a certain sum of money but how much Our next post coming will cover how can you use advertising to your advantage, which will cover how to spend your money on advertising in the best possible way.

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