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For centuries there has been trade going on between many people where exchange of goods took place. Earlier we had a barter system in which 1 good was exchanged for another good. This created a huge problem because there wasn't necessarily 2 people wanting to exchange for what they had to offer. Then came money which was a common median of exchange and everything changed forever.

But now digital currencies and ease of transferring money via platforms like BHIM, Paytm, PhonePay, Google pay, etc have allowed the buyers to do impulse purchasing now more than ever before. And there has been a direct relationship with money and selling, if more and more people are paying online it means they are spending more time online and shopping is something a consumer does 20% of the time he is online.

So if you want your business to survive, start a new business make sure it has a digital footprint. This digital footprint will not only increase your sales by increasing your number of the customer but also help you to develop more trust, authenticity, visibility in the market and much more things.

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